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Today, we work with some of the best companies in Turkey operating in different sectors such as food, cosmetics, tobacco, textile, industrial and paint.


Ata Yag ve Kimya San. Inc. Our company was first  It started to manufacture glycerin in 2016 and took its place in the chemical industry.

Our production is offered to the industry as technical and pharmaceutical glycerin.

The raw material of our products is crude glycerine, which is produced entirely from vegetable oils.

Technical analyzes of both raw materials and finished products are carried out by our expert staff in our Quality Control laboratory equipped with modern devices.

In this sector in which we operate, one of our goals is to offer our customers the best quality products.

We build the trust of our consumers by producing quality products and offering them at affordable prices.


What Is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a byproduct of saponified, hydrolyzed or transesterified fats and oils.

Glycerin is an organic compound, also known as glycerol. Its sources are vegetable oils. Physically, glycerin is a colorless, clear, odorless, viscous liquid with a high boiling point, soluble in water at room temperature, and has a sweet taste.

It is commonly used in soaps and is a common ingredient in many pharmaceutical fields.

Chemically, glycerin is a reactive trivalent alcohol that is stable under most conditions. Because of these unusual properties, good compatibility with many other substances, and ease of processing, glycerin is used in many applications.


Get to know the usage areas of our glycerine product


It is used as a solvent and lubricant in personal care products. Since it is harmless to health and the environment, skin-friendly and odorless, it is used as both a moisturizer and an emollient in cosmetics, personal care products and household products. Generally, glycerin is a moisturizing ingredient in creams. It supports skin care and also prevents the cream from drying out. Glycerin is also odorless, making it a good base for adding perfume and is used as an ingredient carrier in personal and hair care products.

For example, most toothpaste manufacturing has a wide range of applications. Here, glycerin is used to improve taste, prevent dehydration and add shine. Toothpaste may contain 20-30% glycerin.

It is used as a second ingredient in soap making.

It is used in candle making. It is used as a humectant in hookah tobacco.

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It has a wide scope of use in food and beverages. Thanks to its moisture-retaining and softening properties, it acts as a moisturizer in chocolate, desserts and cakes, meat and cheese casings. It fixes the structure in ice cream. It is used as a thickener in low-fat foods and as a thickener in liqueurs. It is used as a solvent for flavors and food colors in soft drinks and confectionery. It is used instead of sugar. The sweetness rate corresponds to 60% of the sucrose, its calories are equivalent to table sugar, but it does not increase the sugar level in the blood.

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Home Care and Cleaning

Glycerin is found in detergents in many household products, for example as a humectant or fabric softener. It is very gentle on the skin and harmless to human health and the environment.

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Animal Feed

It is used in dry feed to store moisture and improve taste in animal feeds. In veterinary medicine, glycerin is used as a source of glucose in bovine ketosis.

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Glycerin is one of the most common ingredients used in medicines. Uses include mouthwashes, cough medicines, capsules, lozenges, suppositories and anesthetics, and an additive in antibiotics and antiseptics. It acts as a solvent, humectant and humectant, and healing agent in tinctures, elixirs, and ointments.

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Technical Uses

Glycerin is used to prevent difficult stains such as ink from drying out and to remove the stain. It is used in making dynamite. Dynamite can be made by combining trinitroglycerin and nitric acid. When combined with nitric acid alone, it is used to make nitroglycerin, which is very strong. It has anti-freeze properties.

In the technical field, glycerin is used, among other things, in the production of antifreeze agents. 99.5% solidification point of refined glycerin is +18°C. When mixed with water at a concentration of 66.7%, the solidification point is -46°C.

This property is excellent for the use of glycerin as an antifreeze agent in formulations. As a chemical alcohol, glycerin is also required in numerous reactions in the production of chemicals. Here the range of applications is very wide.

Glycerin is also typically used in the manufacture of alkyd resins. Other technical uses are in the manufacture of paper, textiles and lubricants.

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